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tv   [untitled]    July 11, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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welcome the loner show that the real headlines with none of them are so i can live out of washington d.c. now tonight we'll take a look at the ongoing standstill over the debt ceiling and deficit reduction plan and we're going to ask what the politicians are actually punished for their inaction and we'll see if the news of the world scandal could lead to the end of rupert murdoch's media empire and i will speak to radley balko who says that caylee's law which would punish parents with a felony for not reporting a missing child within twenty four hours or
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a child's death within one hour he says that's a bad idea they've got all of that and more free to night including a dose of happy hour but first let's take a look at what the mainstream media has decided to me. now call me crass and i'm just going to say the mainstream media has moved on from a dead little girl to a newborn and this story was all over the news this morning they say everything is bigger in texas and that certainly holds true for a baby boy born over the weekend to little fingers little but little joe michael is anything but little john michael brown the biggest baby ever born there weighing a whopping sixteen pounds use a liver for a c section and guess what is fair and said no more kids. really i mean it's not as of our entire economy is on agreeing that a default because congress can't get their act together and. well social security
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medicare and medicaid are all about to be cut affecting millions of americans let's just talk about a fat baby that's a great local news story but is it really how to take up the time of the most trusted name fair and balanced forward leading supposedly real news channels now i don't blame the mother for not wanting to have any more kids but how about we think about the mothers all across this country who have lost their kids in the pointless wars that we're fighting abroad is that really too much to ask especially when leon panetta fresh in his new position of secretary of defense is making the rounds talking to the troops and there are a number of very intriguing very revealing it statements made by the new defense secretary over the weekend let's first start over in afghanistan maybe it was a slip up maybe it was on purpose but panetta pulled back at the bag on just how long our troops will be staying there while speaking in kabul he said that seventy thousand troops will remain there until the end of two thousand and fourteen to hand over control to afghan security forces seventy thousand until the end of
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twenty forty that really doesn't add up with the supposed and steady pace of withdrawal of the president promised we'd see that's after the troop surge is out by next summer in fact that sounds like withdrawal is going to come to a complete standstill and i'll tell you why he made that statement or at least why becomes even more odd you see panetta also said over the weekend that we're this close to beating al qaeda apparently all we have to do is take out ten or twenty key leaders who were done so if that's the case mr secretary then why are our troops staying in afghanistan until at least twenty fourteen if that's the case why did you go to iraq this weekend and put more pressure on the iraqi government to ask us to keep our troops there after their withdrawal deadline at the end of the year do you know what else leon panetta said when speaking to the troops he said the reason to you guys are here is because on nine eleven the united states got attacked what the line has of you since the bush administration when it was discredited because everybody found out that there were no weapons of mass.
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destruction and iraq had nothing to do with nine eleven so is he trying to blame al qaeda for the recent spate of violence we've seen in iraq for the last month being the deadliest for u.s. troops there since two thousand and eight for the rockets that hit baghdad's green zone on monday the day after panetta flew in is that justification for the troops to stay even when it's very obvious if the situation is only becoming more dangerous for them i thought we only had ten or twenty al qaeda left take out you know it's a lot of back and forth a lot of contradictions lot of very confusing rhetoric coming from our new secretary of defense so if you want any glimpse at a computer of our wars going to look like when our men and women are coming home when you better start paying attention to what he says but of course that's what the mainstream media chooses to miss because a sixteen pound baby is far far more like. all the clock continues to tick down to august second the day of the debt ceiling
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and must be raised according to the treasury department and washington all we see is more gridlock and what was supposed to be a constructive round of talks over the weekend john boehner dropped out again saying that any raising taxes is completely off the table so the president gave another press conference today trying to take both parties into gear. it's not going to get easier it's going to get harder so you might as well do it now well off the bat. your peace. you know it now's the time to do it if not now when we. problem it's nobody forces you to why would you eat your peas so how do we think we've got to talk progressing and what if our politicians are actually held accountable here to discuss this with me is benji starling press now reporter for talking points not up and thanks so much for being here tonight reading me i want to start we're going to play a couple sound bites from the president had to say today and i think he did kind of
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kick both parties of course he little crap talking on on the republicans when it comes to just dropping out all the time but he also hit the democrats and here's something going out to say when it comes to cutting entitlements programs. and if you're a progressive who cares about the integrity of social security and medicare and medicaid and believes that it is part of what makes our country great that we look after our seniors we look after the most vulnerable that we have an obligation to make sure that we. make those changes that are required to make it sustainable over the long term and if you're a progressive that cares about investments in head start and student loan programs and medical research and infrastructure we're not going to be able to make progress on those areas if we haven't gotten our fiscal house in order. so he's talking about all the areas where he wants to make progress we want to start new programs
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but he says we have to get our fiscal house in order first has it become very very clear now that this president actually believes in austerity. well he certainly has adopted the republican party's frames for most of these issues a lot of progressives made fun of republicans for selling that their own medicare plan is saving medicare and strengthening medicare when really it was draconian cuts now obviously president obama's not proposing anything even slightly in the neighborhood of that i mean we don't know exactly what we're talking about with medicare but it's probably pretty minor in comparison and no fundamental change but he's adopting this basic idea that look we've got to strengthen these programs by maybe cutting them or maybe finding new ways to finance them so you definitely is giving in a bit there and that's all this buy in the senate we've talked about many times on our show if you look at the u.k. parity isn't exactly working out for them so we have examples here of where it's not working properly to get other economies to get them to jump start again i have the president is now adopting this too and then why does he want to put social security on the table if he had himself admits it doesn't actually contribute to
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the deficit mean has he completely given up on any liberal progressive ideas was he was he never a liberal to begin with well there is a somewhat progressive case for messing around with social security right now maybe not in the context of these talks but in general even some of obama's own advisers like peter orszag who left earlier this year last year have said that look social security finances aren't perfect but it would take just a few little changes maybe even hundreds of raising the retirement age a bit and you pretty much have the thing fixed up so there is some case to be made that it's better than waiting for republican. to take over and doing god knows what to it may be cutting benefits much more drastically but is that supposed to be you know part of this massive discussion that we're having right now and nobody's focusing on jobs and instead they want to make it about the debt ceiling and deficits well if it's what it takes to get something out of the republicans then maybe i mean that's one of the biggest bargaining chips he has is they've been they're desperate not to touch social security it in do it in the paul ryan plan
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they've just today someone dropped out of a republican bill that would partially privatizing social security because they were getting so much feedback back home i mean this is something they don't want to touch without democrats coming in so if you could dangle that support from democrats you might be able to get say some revenue increases but right now the whole thing looks like it's collapsing anyway this is something that really kills me is of course part of the argument is that there is no debate going on here there is no discussion because republicans have put their foot down and said that tax increases are completely off the table so i mean there's no compromise right you guys want to do anything but eric cantor had a different way of reasoning out of this today in a press conference after obama's speech he said the fact that we're even discussing voting on the debt ceiling as a compromise i'm sorry how many times has the debt ceiling raised under the bush administration well it's also the cancer's on the record saying that not raising the debt ceiling is just not an option he's basically saying my own members are economically illiterate so we have to explain this to them but me personally i of course realize that we have to eventually raise the debt ceiling he's been
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aspecific lee whether independent of obama asking him he would raise the debt ceiling and he's been very clear of course you know the full faith and credit the united states needs to be guaranteed so it's kind of a disingenuous argument so i just love apparently according them that's that's the master compromise that they're making but you know the thing is if you look at certain polls out there a lot of republican voters say you shouldn't raise the debt ceiling they don't want it done but. do republicans actually want the to mean they have big business on their side they have lost it on their side which is trying desperately to convince them to just get this done because not raising the debt ceiling would be bad for all of them so i'm just confused as to how long are they going to let this play out to pretend like they're pandering to the base and then just go along flip it at the end well this is certainly the script that they use for past standoffs with the continuing resolution everything looked lost the negotiations were breaking down no one could agree to anything and then the last minute literally at the eleventh hour is right before the midnight deadline they work something out and sold it and it was easier because there was less time before they passed it to look it over you
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can say we fought them down to the last minute so i think it's very reasonable to assume we're going to see something similar here and yet somehow they like to pretend like politics shouldn't be involved here at least that's what the president tried to pretend today i think another lesson to something to say. this is the united states of america and you know we don't manage our affairs in three month. we don't risk. us default. on our obligations. because we can't put politics aside. that's funny because i thought that's exactly what we do in this country is we actually risk because we can't put politics aside as we always just keep extending things for maybe thirty days sixty days ninety days because we can't actually solve any big problems well obama loves to be the guy who breaks that cycle it's always always presented himself from his very earliest days on every issue and this is a perfect example they come to him with an issue and he says well let's just
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totally transcend this go big mess with every single party you sacred cows and come together and not everyone is so into this idea but does he win does he win let's say that the debt ceiling isn't raised who is going to be blamed on every block you can point a finger at republicans are they going to point to the president or is he doing a really good job here of saying that i tried i've done everything i can i think you certainly set up a decent narrative and early polling it's hard to tell in an actual fight but early polling shows that most people are blaming the republicans of things go wrong on obama's present himself as the adult the room he's able to name specific concessions it's like look i've actually said medicare social security these things are on the table the other side has refused to even float any tax increases you know everything is just vague things that are leaked to the press they won't stand behind even the basic idea of giving ground so he certainly has an advantage there but after a number the president always gets blamed when there's an economic disaster and
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that's really what we're talking about with a default maybe the first few weeks he'd be ok but a few months later come election time when there's been a double dip recession say as some economists are warning people may not remember who exactly started this i think you make a good point there let me throw an idea your way and this is something that ryan buffett actually said he thought i could end the deficit in five minutes he just pass a law that says that any time there's a deficit of more than three percent of g.d.p. all sitting members of congress are in elegy. well for reelection in china right now they're linking some officials performance levels with the amount of local debt that they have i mean what if we had some of these incentives for our politicians that they actually got punished for not doing their jobs that's sort of what we have right now all the republicans are assuming they're going to get primaried if they sign on to anything that actually solves the problems that those are actually scary enough private primaries you can say sure as some of the tea partiers got in the last midterm elections but you still only have two parties at the end of the day voters still don't have that many places to go should there be some kind of
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punishment bother actually sitting there in the seat it's a fun idea in theory in reality we just need to get even less experienced and more populous state or is every time around when the big problem right now the biggest problem is that republicans have this infusion of new inexperienced members who just frankly don't understand the stakes a lot of people are very concerned that they just don't get that the debt ceiling is something that has to be raised and what happens if it isn't so you might just repeat that performance every two years it's all right well i guess warren buffett is wrong then have it maybe someone should give him a try at some point betty thanks so much for joining us thanks for having me. well just ahead while washington tries to raise the debt ceiling minnesota is entering a week to have a government shutdown will have a look at how this shutdown is hurting small businesses in the state and the phone hacking scandal in britain grows now there are allegations that reporters of her own papers attempted to have former prime minister gordon brown and victims of nine eleven so could that be the end of her off the empire but interesting.
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so silly you think you understand it and then you give them something else here's some other part of it and realized everything you thought you knew you don't. charge because of the. we are. live and you know i. feel five ft six ft.
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let's not forget that we live in apartheid right leg i think either one hundred twelve. whenever the government says they're keeping safe get ready because of her freedom .
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for the second time in six years the state of minnesota had to shut down its government this morning the government of minnesota shut down because lawmakers failed to close a five billion dollars deficit so i mean forty two thousand state workers are now out of a job. that's right just last week state lawmakers were butting heads over a five billion dollars budget deficit ultimately forcing the entire state to come to a standstill and the democrats including governor mark dayton and house republicans argue to how to fix this ailing budget by taxing the state's top earners and so as you can imagine the minnesota g.o.p. said no way and the state misleads deadline to pass a budget so every day minnesotans i.e. not a sions are now living it over the stalled arguments saying of their representatives have checked out and analysts are pointing fingers at both sides of the aisle for not using all of their assets to solve the problem. to move republicans puts
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appearance of that they've got to step forward and republican lawmakers up for reelection next year you would think that would put heat on the legislators but apparently they're more concerned about pleasing their own set of republican constituency. all right so now we are week two and the fallout from the shutdown continues currently twenty two thousand workers have lost their jobs sixty six parts of quotes one hundred highway projects have been put on hold all of this also affected by the way the fourth of july holiday activities now the public sector always feels the pain from the government faces that akaka like this one let's take a look at how far by the shutdown really reaches for example private businesses are hurting to buy cars brewer who can't open his business without approval from the state first so you know we've been planning a long time we have our entire life savings on the line here and we tried to create for see all these events. cause problems and this one just kind of caught us off.
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of after is just one of many people will be forced to shut their doors until the name calling in the state's capital subsides as close science continue to pop up it's a clear minor of the domino effect that's happening here state and government offices shut down private businesses that stir serves state employees are losing customers forcing them to shut down as well and moody's analytics even estimate that two weeks without the government working will kill sixty million dollars it would normally be pushed into the economy it's a good reminder there shut down doesn't just affect government workers it affects everybody the concept is simple now that minnesota's government has reached a new record for the longest state shut down ever and people are cringing because frankly there's just no end in sight yet and this is just one state just one example can you imagine if something like this happened on a federal level oh wait that's right it almost did earlier this year but now congress is battling it out. over raising the debt ceiling and risking
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a default by default will look a lot worse the what's going on minnesota. well it's being called rupert murdoch's watergate it all began last week with milly dowler a girl who had gone missing it was later found murdered and his cellphone and murdoch own news of the world have reportedly hacked then more information came out of the happening it included even victims of the london subway bombings relatives of soldiers killed in iraq and afghanistan but the real kicker could be the information that was released today and spreads throughout the murdoch british media empire journalists all across news international reportedly targeted a former prime minister gordon brown attempting to access everything from his voicemail to his bank account even his family's medical records and some say that this is only scratching the surface of the worst information as yet to come so far this candle's legit government led investigations a public outcry murdoch shuttering the news of the world paper and high ranking officials are now urging the mogul to drop his twelve billion dollar bid for
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british sky broadcasting but for now they've just passed on to the competition authorities to review but court of this finally be the story to bring down his media empire in the u.k. and what are the chances that things are going on just like that here in the us join me for discuss it is david waldman contributing editor at daily kos and the editor in chief of congress matters david thanks so much for joining us tonight now a lot of people like i said are calling this rupert murdoch's watergate that fair. well it ought to be i mean this is really as more details come out and more people see more and more what he's been up to and what be empire he controls has been are you i mean i think the world is on a lot of people's lips and he's really going to some things that i'm personally offensive on a number of levels even if it hasn't happened it's happened years that are important enough or in this case the. hope was that it was. tugs at the heartstrings and just turn stomachs everywhere and that's that's
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a lot of the same feeling people have it worse than water you know but the thing is rupert murdoch this is a master of spin this guy knows how to get out of every situation bad press is nothing for him but could this be the story that finally really does bring his empire down at least in the u k. well in the u.k. it's possible yes i mean things people react things differently there we've just seen a number of you know uprisings across the middle east and in through europe things are just different i will swear whether or not that spreads to the united states and takes down the united states empire that's a long shot and if there's one thing that people like rupert murdoch special who specialize in it's surviving in a person. you know money shelters you it builds a terrific wall between you and accountability murdoch has built his life on magnify expect that he'll be trying to rely on that. but what about i mean there are reports from the daily mirror today which so far nobody has confirmed they're
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from an anonymous source that. over porters who work for rupert murdoch in fact actually tried to pay off police to hack into the phones and eye contact and victims on nine eleven that's something that you would think would really tug on the heartstrings of americans yeah that's going to be what erupts in america and i think what changes the nature of the scandal for him in the united states and there's already connections in that he has and he is chief of operations over in england during the last go round of these hacking scandals who went before the british parliament and swore that in an internal investigation it turned up no evidence of any more never spread yes the news of the world is now of course been rewarded with the the seat as publisher of the wall street journal which of course at least used to be a very prestigious united states and the fact that it's connected to nine eleven victims is really just unbelievable and it's going to take some time for that to
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sink in for people here i think it's sort of thing the usually want to dismiss just got a pure heart but yeah that story that is corroborated is going to change the nature of america's relationship with rupert murdoch and the media properties he owns here absolutely and it should and should well considering that we now have ourselves involved in and. this war is around the world that our civil liberties have been stripped of us all thanks to nine eleven you would think that something like that would at least be able to take down a media empire but then the propaganda machine of course comes into play but do you think that this could already be happening in the u.s. that maybe other companies are up to it maybe not even murdoch owned ventures or is this something that's really specific to the style of journalism or spin and misinformation that he's espoused. well you know right now there is no evidence that it's gone beyond the murdoch empire but then again for a long time even the murdoch empire insisted that it had gone beyond the means of the world and for some time they insisted it wasn't even there and so in every turn
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we find out that there's a little bit more a little bit more but it all has been insane so far to the murdoch empire now he's in competition in competition with people who i'm sure would like to have the same access snoops that he's got but so far it just hasn't turned up and so far thankfully has not been the culture or even of the tabloid press in the united states seems to be kind of a british thing seems to be something that rupert murdoch has cheerfully exploited and in a number of his properties i hope it's limited to his properties for a number of reasons not least of which is i really don't think that americans are going to stand for the pain of having a nine eleven got a zoom for a scoop in the tabloid press that's really a tremendously upsetting prospect i mean the other hand i will say that i mean box properties which of course are murdoch properties and his opinion journalists
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haven't really been terribly respectful of nine eleven but all along all the time you know they of course build themselves as patriotic american channel and you would think that this would be very important to them but pretty regularly opinion journalists coming out of that outlets have been pretty outspoken in saying hey i'm really tired of the way nine eleven victims' families are exploiting this and that i mean really incredible things so i guess if you had to pick one network one media empire that might actually dive into the trash like this yes well that would be the murdoch properties and turns out all right do you think that there is any blame they can put on audiences or at least in this case on a viewer is you know the news of the world did it really well this paper sold a lot of copies over the year and the u.k. and it's because of that facial appetite that people have for these types of scoops for the gossip and the dirt rather than let's say you know perhaps real news
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stories and the fact. well that's always possible but i will i'll be the first to let you know and i'm sure rupert would agree with the monarch of the supply side who lives in his practice it was business too if you put it out there people will gobble it up ask around and ask around whether there's a real demand were hacking the phone mail messages of the good of nine eleven i don't think that's going to poll real well you know you can ask people whether that's something they want to and then when you don't actually be something he secretly desire to provide it to you but no one has had the gall to do it except rupert murdoch so yeah it was he making skills he probably isn't something that almost everyone who were even those who would buy into this might disgusting he didn't want to cover that up not talk about consuming it yeah i think so just to stay away from it he just hasn't been able to now the thing is you know in the u.k. so far there have been government best occasions launching this there have been
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calls for new regulations but a lot of people are criticizing that because they're saying well if you look at how the story even came to be it's thanks to real and vesta gate of journalism you don't need government meddling hearing you don't you need more regulation and some of the daily telegraph even said don't let politicians turn the british press into an american style lapdog of the establishment when you say that. well i'm certainly i didn't george the idea that the rest needs to avoid blackguard and i think there's a new middle ground between that and hacking the voice mails of the queen and her children and grandchildren yet of nine eleven murder victims teenagers and i think there's a lot of room and you know goofy american and british personnel proven it over decades there's a lot of good solid investigative journalism doesn't have anything to do with this and early in the evening in the in the in the bushmills of it i mean honestly
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that's really kind of the story and you need to assume people for a story you might be investigating wrong and people are saying to you that this could be just the tip of the iceberg of the worst still to come so of course all the bracing ourselves and see what this does mean in the long run from murdoch's empire thanks so much for joining us david thank you very much. also to cons and i respond to some of your comments about and showing you tell me anything instead of i read it and then a not guilty verdict in the casey anthony murder trial has outraged a lot of people here in the u.s. so some politicians are rushing to pass the least last measure that they claim would protect children but it's really just bad legislation built on our fast track joins us now he's. the only one with the mechanisms for the difficult work to bring just to sort of going . i have a right to know what my government's true if you want.


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